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Custom Synthesis

We provide custom synthesis PEGs of various molecular weights (MW) and functionalities.

Email: sales@biochempeg.com

How do I place an order

You can also email orders to sales@biochemeg.com or  fax your order to us at +1 857 3666766 You can use our order form or send us the following information...billing address, shipping address, delivery telephone number, e-mail address, item information, and a P.O. number or credit card information. We accept VISA or MasterCard. Please contact us at sales@biochempeg.com or at 857-366-6766 with any questions.

How do I get the structures for your products?

If there is not a structure posted for the reagent you are interested in, please contact us at sales@biochempeg.com for structure information.

How do you ship your reagents?

We ship all of our reagents at room temperature for overnight delivery in the United States. Most international shipments arrive within 3-4 days, packed with ice bag.

Do you offer consulting services?

Biochempeg now offers consulting services for your current and future PEG programs. Biochempeg has extensive experience in this area and welcome sall discussions.

Can you provide Custom synthesis service?

Yes, Biochempeg provide Custom synthesis service. If you cannot find the chemicals you need, please contact us at sales@biochempeg.com

What are the storage conditions for the products?

Because PEG reagents are temperature, light, and moisture sensitive they should be stored in a -15 ℃ freezer upon receipt. Please allow PEG reagents to equal room temperature prior to opening. We recommend storing our PEG reagents as the dry, powder form only and not  in any type of solution. Each time the bottle is opened it will need to be backfilled with an inert gas (i.e. Argon, Nitrogen) before it is stored again. 

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